Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Power Supply for the Mini-Whip active antenna

So, this is just a brief post to say that I have received the Mini-Whip power supply for the Mini-Whip active antenna project.
First impressions are not the best, it really looks and feels cheap, but for £1,99 shipped to your door, I cannot complain.
I took it out of the box and made a quick and dirty voltage measurement with no load whatsoever, just to see if it works. It reads 12,74V, a bit north of 12V but it should be fine to power the Mini-Whip.
Here are some pics.

So, the project is still missing some bits and pieces (a major local electronics store just closed; last weekend I went there to get some parts and it was just a waste of my time) but at least there's some progress.
Items still needed:

  1. I need a 12-15V small power supply, capable of delivering 50mA.
  2. I need 3 x SO239 (or BNC?) Chassis Mounting Female Sockets.
  3. I need some small 50 ohm coax (RG-316 or RG-188).
  4. I need to come up with some sort of PVC housing for the antenna.
  5. Also, I need some housing for the antenna supply module.
  6. Finally, after all is done I need to sort out some kind of a plastic mast to raise the antenna.
 So, hopefully, there will be more progress on the next weekend.

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  1. This is an interesting project. And it’s good to see that it’s progressing well. It’s just a bit disappointing that you can’t continue your work because the store was closed that day. I just hope you found a different store where you can buy all the materials you needed. Anyway, how's it doing? I hope you’re close to finishing it, or already finished testing it.

    Kelley Burton @ Aim Dynamics